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By McMaster, R. D. McMaster

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This learn of "The Newcomes" explores the cultural density stumbled on in the novel and divulges how Thackeray exploited allusion on the way to current an archetypal and cyclical imaginative and prescient of existence, wondering the prestige and cost of fictions and blurring differences among heritage and fiction.

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Perhaps the wittiest Horation allusion, in terms of complex word play, relationship and etymology, comes in a lengthy digression on coquetry, stemming from Ethel's contrived meetings with Clive at Madam de Florae's: Miss Hopkins, you have been a coquette since you were a year old; you worked on your papa's friends in the nurse's arms by the fascination of your lace frock and pretty new sash and shoes; when you could just toddle, you practised your arts upon other children in the square, poor little lambkins sporting among the daisies; and nunc in ovilia, mox in reluctantes dracones, proceeding from the lambs to reluctant dragoons, you tried your arts upon Captain Paget Tomkins, who behaved so ill, and went to India without - without making those proposals which of course you never expected.

385) Having won devastating victories at Lake Trasimene and Cannae, Hannibal wintered at Capua where his seasoned army was, says Livy, 'an easy prey to luxury and pleasure, both of which lay superabundantly to hand' (History of Rome, Book XXIII, 18). It was a major turning point in the war. Rome recovered, took Capua, and Hannibal lost the initiative. Clive adopts the mock heroic manner to cover his own feelings of defeat. But he gets the names wrong: Hannibal was the son of Hamilcar Barca. Hasdrubal was the brother-in-law he succeeded as general in Spain before crossing the Alps.

The changes in Lady Ann's Park Lane house after Sir Brian's death lead the narrator to reflections on Trimalchio's feasts in Petronius's Satyricon, for example (p. 640). Though Victorians saw themselves as imperial Romans, they also, as Richard Jenkyns shows in The Victorians and Ancient Greece, 24 liked to pattern themselves on the ancient Greeks, but allusion to Greek literature, and certainly quotation from it, is much less common in The Newcomes. Clive's encounter with classical sculpture in the Louvre makes him regret his want of Greek: 'I wish I had read Greek a little more at school: it's too late at my age; I shall be nineteen soon, and have got my own business; but when we return I think I shall try and read it with cribs'.

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