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The Sheet steel and Air Conditioning Contractors' nationwide organization, Inc. (SMACNA), in maintaining with its coverage of disseminating details and delivering criteria of layout and building, deals this finished and primary "HVAC SystemsDuct layout" guide as a part of the continued attempt to improve the heating, ventilating and air con (HVAC) undefined. This handbook offers the elemental equipment and systems had to layout HVAC air distribution platforms. It doesn't take care of the selection of air-con so much and room air quantities.This handbook is half one of a 3 set "HVAC structures" Library. The moment is the SMACNA "HVAC Systems-Applications" guide which comprises info and information wanted by way of designers and installers of extra really expert air and hydronic HVAC structures. The 3rd guide is the "HVAC SystemsTesting, Adjusting and Balancing" handbook, a stateof-the-art ebook on air and hydronic method trying out and balancing.

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The Sheet steel and Air Conditioning Contractors' nationwide organization, Inc. (SMACNA), in conserving with its coverage of disseminating details and offering criteria of layout and development, bargains this accomplished and primary "HVAC SystemsDuct layout" guide as a part of the continued attempt to improve the heating, ventilating and air con (HVAC) undefined.

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Spread 4. Drop 5. Noise Level Refer to the engineering section of the air device catalog for an explanation of the proper use of the manufacturer's data for the devices to be used. CAUTION-All air outlet terminal devices lo- cated on each branch duct or duct run should be selected with similar pressure drops. Mixing outlets with different pressure drops on the same duct run may cause excessive airflow through the outlets with the lowest pressure drops. Using dam- pers to control the excessive air distribution may create unacceptable noise levels.

B) Select the type and quantity of outlets for each room, considering such factors as air quantity required, distance available for throw or radius of diffusion, structural characteristics, and architectural concepts. Table 3-3 is based on experience and typical ratings of various outlets. It may be used as a guide to the outlets applicable for use with various room air loadings. 6 m) and exposed duct mounting, as well as product modifications and unusual conditions of room occupancy, can modify this table.

These studies also found no appreciable difference in the performance of air diffusing ceilings and circular ceiling diffusers for lower room loads [20 Btu/ h ft2 (65 W/m2)] For higher room loads [80 Btu ft2, (250 W/m2)] an air-diffusing ceiling system has only slightly larger vertical temperature variations and slightly lower room air velocities than a ceiling diffuser system. When the ventilating ceiling is used at exterior exposures, the additional load at the perimeter must be considered. During heating operation, the designer must provide for the cold wall effect, as with any ceiling supply diffusion system.

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