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480 gm. and cooked properly. O ne should use it in proper dose according to his power of digestion. After the drug is digested, he should take the diet consisting of $ali and §a§tika rice along with milk and ghee with the afterdrink o f hot water.. [ 76 ] ( Thus is said the fifth form ulation of harltaki ) tftaqfqqr qgqpFcrvqmfq q qtfindiWtq STTd: STTcT: STTqq qqt^fcq fqfq*TT *TFT g s t^ u i qq^tT qT qnfeqfijqJTq- qsftqi^ , fqqqqqhlTqFT qq^TcTiRR qqftdSfd, ijqqqfqB^, qqfqqp q^IRqPd, fqqqfqq qqfd iTT^, q rq q q q q ^ fe rc tq q P r, ajdiqf qqftr II ^ II Ghee extracted from milk is cooked w ith harltaki, am alaka, bibhitaka, h ariara ¿alaparni, bala, vi

X x ix M ethod o f collection and storage 564 Formulations 564-565 C H A PTER IX —Oh pharmaceutical preparations o f TilVaka Synonyms of Tilvaka Formulations 566 566^567 C H A P T E R X —On pharmaceutical preparations o f SudhS ( snuhl ) Snuhl-the most drastic purgative, its indications and contraindications 568 Types and synonyms o f snuhr 568 Collection of drug 568 Formulations 568-569 ) Their indications and other consi­ derations 578*+580 Units o f weight 581 Some guideliness about preparations of formulations 582 T hree types of snehapaka 582 SIDDHISTHANA M ( Section on successful m anagem ent) C H A P T E R I—On successful preparation Maximum and minimum periods for unction 587 Functions o f unction and fomentation 588 I Preparatory diet for patients to be C H A P T E R X I—On pharmaceutical evacuated 588 preparations o f Saptala an d âankhini i Dietitic regimen after evacuation 588 Synonyms o f satpalâ and Sankhini 570 Impulses and quantity o f excreta in T heir indications 570 emesis,and purgation 588 Collection and storage 570 Symptoms o f proper, defective and Formulations 370-571 I excessiv^ emesis 589' C H A P T E R X II —On pharmaceutical Symptoms of proper, defective and preparations of Danti and Dravanti excessive purgation 589 ( A ) Synonyms of D anti and Dravanti 572 Collection and storage 572 A dm inistration\of Niruha ( non-undtuous ) and'anuvasana ( unctuProperties 573 I o tis) enemas 590 Formulations 573-576 !

DS fJfppT m w f J if r o r r a te q q r o r sna: m w itm ^ sfksTfq^qi snfarefew rqqycnnrc aqftdg

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