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By C. Hong, T. Yamamoto, K.H. Park, Y.Y. Kim

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39 That is, in a healthy eye, an occlusion of the 3/4 of the angle circumference would result in significant IOP elevation. Peripheral anterior synechiae PAS refer to a condition in which the iris adheres to the angle. Peripheral anterior synechiae may be complete (synechial closure up to posterior trabecular meshwork) or incomplete; and patch or broad (Fig. 9). The extent of PAS is related to the severity of angle-closure glaucoma. 42,43 However, the level of severity may vary and depend on the extent of angle closed and on the efficiency of the remaining open angle.

46 Mok et al. indb 37 16-8-2007 9:46:31 38 Yong Yeon Kim Fig. 9. Gonioscopic findings of patch (left) and broad (right) peripheral anterior synechiae. Arrows indicate the extents of the synechiae. 47 This phenomenon has been interpreted in several ways. 48 The concept of creeping angle-closure,26 in which PAS slowly advances forward circumferentially, making the iris insertion appear to become more and more anterior, contributes to our understanding of chronic angle-closure glaucoma. The exact cause of the development of creeping angle closure needs to be determined.

However, the ocular biometry is dynamic and influenced by many factors that are still not fully understood. There are many new instruments available nowadays, and they provide better images and understanding of the mechanism of angle closure. However, there is no parameter that is reliable for identifying eyes at risk of developing acute angle closure attack. The large parts of the eye, such as lens zonules, vitreous, and choroid, are still lack of sensitive instruments that can clarify the roles that they may play in the formation of angle closure.

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