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This handbook is meant to aid engineers and technicians with a historical past of use of temperature, strain, humidity, ventilation, and flue gasoline tools, to interpret their readings of box measurements. This choice will point out the deficiencies of the approach verified and techniques of correction. development of operation almost always ends up in aid of software bills. basic monitors and directions will permit non-technical group of workers to function gear successfully at minimal power charges. In a number of construction installations, this kind of keep an eye on could store up to seventy five% of upkeep time since you can learn the situation of the process with the pc sooner than you ship out the upkeep guy to make changes. additionally, you'll be in a position to predetermine the precise challenge in order that an analogous upkeep guy do not need to spend time checking a couple of goods till he pinpoints the trouble. the knowledge during this publication will help construction vendors, upkeep body of workers, contractors, and technicians in opting for the operation of energy-using structures and strategies of lowering power intake.

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D. Air noise. 1. Air noise in air outlets is usually caused by dampers in back, or if the outlet is too small for the air quantity, try rotating the damper 90°. e. Unbalanced air supply. 1. If the air supply varies between outlets on a main duct, examine the branch connection for a splitter damper or baffle. Air has a tendency to go in a straight line and pile up at the end of the duct. G. Controls 1. Basic - Single Zone a. Tests under air handler conditions should indicate if thermostat works.

Air Patterns a. Side Wall Grilles. 1. If air does not reach opposite wall adjust front blades, 1/3 bottom turned up, 1/4 top turned down. If front blades are vertical, adjust rear blades similarly. If rear blades are tied together set all up about half way from horizontal. Page 10 2. In winter to get heat to floor tilt blades downward. 3. Adjust vertical blades for room coverage. b. Ceiling outlets. 1. If the outlet is non adjustable and is near a wall, remove and close the outside supply suction near wall, with tape, on the air entering side.

65 per square foot. School - Saved $42,000 per year adjusting power plant and piping distribution. Electric Plant Clean Room - Saved $72,000 per year adjusting and correcting air conditioning system. Hotel - Eliminated mildew damage in empty guest rooms. Page 1 Chapter 1 Initial Field Cooling Inspection A. Air Since the use of air provides the means to make an occupied space comfortable, we need to know how to handle it, such as: 1. Temperature and Humidity Conditions a. Room b. Supply c. Internal Effects d.

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