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Raimon Panikkar (b. 1918), a Catalan-born Hindu-Christian, is a widespread theorist of interreligious discussion. This learn supplies an in depth research of his theology of religions. at the foundation of the latest resources to be had, it seems that even his "radical pluralism" can't eschew the inherent difficulties attribute of pluralistic theologies of religions. in contrast to different pluralists, Panikkar doesn't sign up for the Enlightenment culture. in its place, his plea for the transformation of current religions relies on an idiosyncratic "cosmotheandrism," which pulls on either primordial spiritual traditions and existentialist philosophy. the must haves of interreligious discussion, as defined in his paintings, hence entail dedication to a selected cosmology and mode of attention.

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1. 3. 143 The Silence of God, The Answer of Buddha. Translated from the Italian by Robert R. Barr. Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books. 1989.  39 sion of this monograph are quite complicated. The text was originally published in Spanish in 1970, and a new revised edition was recently published in that language. However, the English version I am using was translated from Italian. 144 This means that, even though published in 1989, SG belongs to the oldest material under study, and therefore it is not so important.

Panikkar’s hermeneutical way of thinking is such that he has immersed himself in profound dialogue with the Vedic texts. 136 It should also be observed that, since Panikkar is also a Hindu, the Vedas are not, for him, primarily an object of study, but rather normative text. It is easy to see that his own thoughts and interpretations are intertwined with his commentaries. —Mysticism in Shaivism and Christianity. Ed. Bettina Bäumer. K. Printworld, 73–178. 135 The Vedic Experience Mantramañjarì, An Anthology of the Vedas for Modern Man and Contemporary Celebration edited and translated with introductions and notes by Raimundo Panikkar with the collaboration of N.

According to Cousins (1996, 123), the major change is that the second edition has a longer prologue. See also MacPherson 1996, 34; Devdas 1980, 606. Rowan Williams (1990, 3) has characterized this book as “one of the best and least read meditations on the 125 36   Hinduism, and the monotheistic religions of the Middle East under the concept of Trinity. This small work resembles meditation more than academic study, but it is an example of creative Trinitarian thinking. Although Panikkar did not develop the line of Trinitarian thought presented in TWR, some fundamental theological decisions made in it could be seen in his Christology.

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