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297 ff. "The last minor revolt took place in 1928 in French Laos. Of greater importance were the uprisings that broke out in July, 1918. in the province of Laokay, which caused the French administration considerable difficulty and could not be suppressed until March, 1921. in the region of Luang Prabang. " Savina (2) /see footnote 2 above/ then discusses the causes of the uprisings of the Meau and comes to the conclusion that the Meau had always revolted "because they are a people without property.

But he spoke in vain, and at a signal from the emperor, the tortures were begun. With a gag in their mouths, they were tied to stakes and cut to pieces at eleven o'clock in the morning. " We find similar descriptions of the executions in Amiot's letter which was reproduced by Savina (2): "Sonom, his younger 2. 11. pp. 145 ff. brother Chalopen, his advisers, Kantak, Sonompontchouk. Karoua, Goisar, his aunt Atchin. and her husband Langtsia were cut into small pieces alive, and the two shamans of the king.

The Monkhmer Ka Khmer Kha/ live on the wooded slopes, but are shot off by the Chinoisants and pushed aside by the Lao. The latter, ir, tnrn. live a few altitude levels lower, preferring the rice field5 of the smaller valleys, whereas, finally, the Annamites and Chinese occupy the large troughs of the base centers lying in rhz lowermost valleys. " Savina (6) likewise deals with the habitation areas of the 6. 11, pp. 173 ff. Meau and concomitantly with their reasoIlj for choosing the high altitudes: /28/ - "The customary habitation sites of the Meau are the mountains.

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