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VII. WOUNDS OF THE CORNEA T h e treatment o f corneal wounds depends upon three factors : (1) E x t e n t o f the w o u n d ; ( 2 ) Site o f the w o u n d ; and ( 3 ) P r e sence or otherwise o f complications. 1. Extent of the Wound m a y v a r y from a puncture t o a severe laceration i n v o l v i n g the whole cornea and e v e n extending t o the sclera. · 2. —It is obvious t h a t a central lacerated w o u n d w o u l d produce a more severe visual impairment than one in which the pupillary area is left intact.

E N D O T H E L I U M . — T h i s is a single layer of cells which is prolonged backwards t o c o v e r the pectinate ligament and on t o the iris. I t is o w i n g t o this continuity t h a t pathological processes in the deeper layers of the cornea tend t o spread and lead t o such complications as iritis, iridocyclitis, and e v e n choroiditis. Since the healthy cornea is completely avascular, its nutrition is carried out b y diffusion from the vascular arcades at the limbus. O w i n g t o this rather inadequate bloodsupply, the cornea possesses a unique respiratory mechanism whereby o x y g e n passes through the cornea in one direction only from the air t o the anterior chamber, and the carbon dioxide similarly travels in the reverse direction only.

B. A t r o p i n e treatment should be started a t the earliest m o m e n t and persisted in throughout the duration o f the disease. c. L o c a l steroid treatment is invaluable and often results in i m p r o v e m e n t t h a t is little short o f dramatic. I t should b e started at the earliest m o m e n t and continued until long after the e y e is w h i t e . d. H o t bathing or short-wave diathermy is helpful for pain during the acute stages. e. D a r k glasses are essential. / . E v e r y t h i n g possible for the general health o f the patient should be d o n e — g o o d food, vitamins, fresh air, etc.

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