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Publish yr note: First released January 2001

At the sunrise of the twenty first century, the previous paradigms of medication have started to collapse. We now not think that bodies are machines with elements that put on down, in basic terms to be braced up through medications or changed via surgical procedure. as an alternative, an increasing number of pioneering researchers include a brand new view of therapeutic -- one expounded by means of Dr. Richard Gerber in his groundbreaking best--seller, Vibrational Medicine.

Now he exhibits tips on how to placed this new state of mind into functional use, describing the position of awareness and "thought forms," in addition to the advantages of homoeopathy, acupuncture, color and light-weight therapeutic, magnetobiology, and different cures.

A generally informed healthcare professional, Dr. Gerber combines clinical proof with conventional tools from the East and West to free up our power for therapeutic ourselves.

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Opens the Orifices in Emergency Conditions (ji jiu kai qiao) 急救開竅 Evils such as blood stasis, heat toxins, or turbid phlegm-heat may block the orifices of the Heart leading to acute loss of consciousness. Examples can include traumatic injury leading to loss of consciousness due to development of static blood, or a high fever leading to acute loss of consciousness. In each of these cases, bloodletting to expel stasis, clear heat, and resolve toxins can restore normal cognitive function by opening the orifices.

12. Replete Diseases Jin Fu (Prohibition and Submission, Ling Shu, Chapter 48) generally suggests that bloodletting is appropriate for diseases of repletion. It says, “Regulate vacuity and repletion and vacuity and repletion will end. ” Certainly, most traditions of Asian medicine, including Chinese, Tibetan, and Mongolian medicine, see bloodletting as a therapy most appropriate for repletion patterns (Kim et al. 2011; Zhao, Wu, and Zhao 2012). 8 This channel, which does not exist in contemporary acupuncture practice, probably refers to a branch of the Foot Tai Yang Bladder channel.

There is counterflow in the Stomach. The Gallbladder overflows and there is a bitter taste in the mouth. The Stomach qi counterflows and causes vomiting, and there will be bile. Treat [Zu] San Li (ST-36) to descend Stomach qi counterflowing. Prick the Shao Yang blood network vessels to block Gallbladder counterflow. , middle jiao], and diseased blood is inside. There is pain of the joints and foot swelling when walking. Prick Xing Jian (LIV-2) to lower qi from the ribside, supplement [Zu] San Li (ST‑36) to warm the Stomach and center.

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