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It doesn’t damage his health much, since he doesn’t drink to great excess and leaves several alcohol free days for his body to recover. On the other hand, Mister Jones goes to the bar every night and gets so drunk he can hardly walk home. A few years or decades of that, and he is going to be fat, prematurely aged, have a bad liver and kidneys, forgetful, mentally stunted, and maybe even dead. The point is that we are in our sex activity being encouraged to be like Mister Jones and nobody, no doctor or psychologist or hardly even a religious figure any more, is telling us to do a single thing to stop it, and take a sensible moderation in this activity, like Mister Smith’s moderate and sensible drinking.

But the truth is, Ms Feminist, that the average woman does not care for your high flying and grand goals, just as the average man has no desire to be an Einstein or a Beethoven. Thus instead of leading the mass of women to freedom, the feminist has led the mass of women to economic slavery, and the frustration of being exiled from her male partner, and more importantly, her children, for the greater part of her waking hours. She then becomes the tired, ratty woman, who is too shot-out from work to want sex with her husband, or to take proper interest in her children.

A Men’s Liberation Guide to Women 53 Chapter Seven – Being a Mother – the Greatest Job any Human Being Can Ever Have Everybody in human society wants to be cared about and treated with respect. But whom should we respect? Right now the greatest respect is given to the rich, powerful and celebrity classes. But do they deserve it? An Itzhak Perlman or Nigel Kennedy can rattle off millions of notes on a piece of wood with strings attached, that thrills millions of people and even persuades them to part with substantial amounts of their hard-earned cash to witness or hear, either in person or as a recording on a shiny plastic disk.

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