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By Patricia Ann Clark

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N 1930 the Cretan healer, Nikolaos Konstantinos Theodorakis of Meronas, re-copied a computer containing scientific lore handed down via his relatives over generations. the current quantity deals an version of this pc including an English translation, the 1st of its style. It belongs to the style of iatrosophia, functional handbooks relationship often to the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries which compiled therapeutic knowledge, besides snippets of agricultural, meteorological and veterinary recommendation, and admixtures of faith, astrology and magic. either interesting and of serious significance, iatrosophia enable glimpses of classical and Byzantine clinical assets and illustrate the power and resilience of Greek conventional clinical and botanical wisdom.

From years spent exploring neighborhood therapeutic customs in Crete's Amari zone, Patricia Clark is ready to current Theodorakis' iatrosophion opposed to a wealthy ancient, geographical and social historical past. Introductory essays and explanatory notes to the interpretation supply context to the iatrosophion and supply the really good details important for an excellent realizing of the textual content. The considerable materia medica of the computer is handled in a considerable appendix. each one animal, mineral, plant or product is supplied with an outline of its a number of names throughout the millennia. Such entries are usually not just a key to figuring out the Greek scientific legacy, but additionally a shiny representation of its utilization from antiquity to the current day.

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If the pain spreads into the muscles … this is muscular rheumatism … an obvious muscular rheumatism can transform itself into a true neuralgia. … Despite his belief that neuralgia can turn itself into muscular rheumatism and vice versa, he must be given credit for recognizing that the pain in muscular rheumatism emanates primarily from focal points of neural hyperactivity, and also that it travels some distance from its source. He was wrong, however, in believing that this is because it is ‘propagated along neighbouring nerves’.

Kelly not only adopted Kellgren’s methods of diagnosing and relieving referred pain from tender points in muscles but recorded his clinical observations in a series of valuable papers published over a period of 21 years from 1941 onwards. References to the majority of these are to be found in his last paper (Kelly 1962). MYOFASCIAL TRIGGER POINT PAIN SYNDROME The physician, however, who from the 1940s onwards has done the most to further the subject is Janet Travell (Fig. 1). She first began to take an interest in it after reading how Edeiken & Wolferth (1936) had been able to reproduce spontaneously occurring shoulder pain by applying pressure to tender points in muscles around the scapula, and then reading about observations made both by Kellgren and by the American orthopaedic surgeon Steindler (1940).

3 cc) of hypertonic (6%) saline into various muscles; and then carefully observed the distribution of pain. For example, in studies involving the gluteus medius muscle the skin of the buttock was first anaesthetized with Novocain at three sites. Then intramuscular needles were inserted through these anaesthetized areas until they impinged upon the gluteal fascia. An injection of hypertonic saline into this fascia produced localized pain. The needles were then advanced into the muscle itself and a further injection into this produced a diffuse pain felt at some distance from the injection site in the lower part of the buttock, the back of the thigh, and on occasions as far down as the knee (Fig.

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