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By Héctor Angulo, Carlos Fariñas, Harold Gramatges, Edgardo Martín, Leo Brouwer y José Ardevol

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The most forthright and proficient of yank composers writes the following of the half performed via the freely imaginitive brain in composing, acting, and hearing track. He urges extra widespread functionality and extra delicate listening to of the tune of recent composers. He discusses sound media, new and outdated, and appears towards a musical destiny within which the timbres and intensities constructed by way of the digital engineer may perhaps locate their musical form and which means.

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Few points of Berlioz's kind are extra idiosyncratic than his dealing with of musical shape. This publication, the 1st dedicated completely to the subject, explores how his formal thoughts are relating to the poetic and dramatic sentiments that have been his very cause of being. Rodgers attracts upon Berlioz's rules approximately musical illustration and at the rules that will have stimulated him, arguing that the connection among musical and extra-musical narrative in Berlioz's track is better construed as metaphorical instead of literal - 'intimate' yet 'indirect' in Berlioz's phrases.

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Bo¨hm was a native of Thuringia, born and brought up near Ohrdruf, and he had been a schoolfellow of Johann Bernard Vonhof, father-in-law of Bach’s elder brother Johann Christoph. Quite possibly Bach had left Ohrdruf with at least one letter of introduction to the Lu¨neburg organist, and the fact that Bo¨hm later acted as agent in north Germany for printed editions of the Bach Partitas suggests that they knew each other well. Before moving to Lu¨neburg Bo¨hm had spent five or more years in Hamburg, where he had heard, and perhaps studied with, the renowned Johann Adam Reincken, organist at the Catharinenkirche since 1663.

Bach, i, 222. 32 • bach Ex. 2 (a) Š (b) BWV531/ii, bars 1–3 Ł Ł ¾ Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Łý Allegro −Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł ¹ Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł ¹ −Ł Ł −Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Š− Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Á BWV535a/ii, bars 1–5 BWV578, bars 1–5 b µ Ł Š − Ł Ł ý Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł ²Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł (c) Š − Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł Ł ²Ł Ł Ł Works representative of this early style and usually thought to date from the Arnstadt-Mu¨hlhausen years include (in addition to those already mentioned) the Preludes and Fugues in C (bwv531), G minor (535a, an early and incomplete version of 535), and G major (550), the Prelude (only) in G (bwv568), the Fugue (only) in G minor (bwv578), and the Fantasia in G (bwv572); the ‘Little’ E minor Prelude and Fugue (bwv533) is less flamboyant, more tightly organized, and without the usual toccata-like flourish at the end of the fugue.

A r n s t a d t , M u¨ h l h a u s e n ( 1 7 0 3 – 8 ) • 21 Barbara Catharina and two of the other students, Hoffmann and Schu¨ttwu¨rfel. Bach had to admit that he had called Geyersbach a ‘Zippel Fagottist’. 3 According to this interpretation Bach would have been drawing an invidious social distinction between himself, a twentyyear-old professional organist, and Geyersbach, a twenty-three-yearold schoolboy. Whatever the nature of the insult, the consistory’s reprimand did not rest there, but referred also to Bach’s inability to get on with the students and his unwillingness to rehearse them in figural music.

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6 Autores cubanos. 10 obras para guitarra by Héctor Angulo, Carlos Fariñas, Harold Gramatges, Edgardo Martín, Leo Brouwer y José Ardevol

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