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By Mario Bussagli

With 397 illustrations in colour. The airborne dirt and dust jacket is fee clipped and has chips and closed tears to the extremities.

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With 397 illustrations in colour. The airborne dirt and dust jacket is expense clipped and has chips and closed tears to the extremities.

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C. National Museum, Nes Delhi The short muzzled animal with thick, creased dewlap has an ornament around its neck. Executed with extraordinary realism, it one of the best works of the Indus Valley potters. 49 movements of figures shown turning on their own axes and possibly suggested by the use of the potter's wheel. Whereas the Egyptians and the Mesopotamians rejected these values, the artists of the Indus Valley pursued them with gusto, studied them tenaciously, and through them demonstrated their acceptance of reality, life, and the world.

Acephalous, squatting woman, Alabaster. C. National Museum, Karachi This fragmentary figure belongs in a category that does not come up to the best creations of Indus Valley art but is superior to the terra-cotta production. Alabaster, which was little used, indicates that the work was regarded as valuable by the culture that produced it. 57. ’ The exact place of origin is unknown. C. National Museum, Karachi. Note the hollows for inlays, possibly of semiprecious stones. Perhaps rather than a seal, the disk was an ornament or badge.

347-352), Delhi, Lahore - all the great centers of the Mogul empire reveal the emperors' wish to create religious and secular buildings worthy of their power and of the splendor of their courts. Elsewhere, instead, functional considerations prevailed, and in the south-at Bijapur, Golconda, and Gulbarga-massive, less refined monuments were built with enormous bulb-shaped or ribbed domes which may have been the world's largest but which certainly ~ad none of the lightness and elegance attributed by general agreement to the best architectural works of the Mogul period.

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