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September 1983. 33. R. Q. 5 meter diameter superconducting solenoid for the DELPHI particle physics experiment at LEP, IEEE Trans. , MAG-21: 490, 1985. 57. A. , Design study of a thin superconducting solenoid for the SDC detector, IEEE Trans. Appl. , 3: 95, 1993. 34. P. T. M. Clee, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Didcot, United Kingdom, private communication. 58. R. J. Roark and W. C. , New York: McGraw-Hill, 1975. 35. A. , Zeus thin solenoid: Test results analysis, IEEE Trans. , MAG-27: 1954, 1991.

These bus bars should be cooled in liquid helium in order to avoid heat from outside the coil being deposited directly into the superconducting windings. Heat leaks down pulsed current leads, which are usually not gas cooled, can be particularly troublesome. The cooling circuit used to cool bus bars at the ends of the coil should be part of the magnet helium cooling system. Since much of the cooling circuit is electrically grounded, inline electrical insulators will be required in the cooling lines that cool the electrical bus bars connected to the superconducting coil.

4 s including the gas–cooled leads Figure 3. A schematic circuit diagram for the coil, power supply and quench protection circuit for a large detector solenoid with a support cylinder. 5 (14) where L1 is the magnet coil self-inductance, N2 is the number of turns in the quench-back circuit (N2 ϭ 1 when the support shell is the quench back circuit), N1 is the number of turns in the magnet coil, A2 is the cross-sectional area of the quench back circuit, I0 is the coil current, ⌬H2 is the enthalpy change per unit volume needed to raise the quench-back circuit temperature from 4 K to 10 K (for aluminum, ⌬H2 ϭ 13,200 J mϪ3), ␳2 is the resistivity of the quench-back circuit material, and ␶2 is the L over R time constant for the quench-back circuit (the support tube).

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